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Posted August 11, 2007 by drimo
Categories: Life

I decided to move the blog back to StarBarMonkey.  Click the link to go there!



Posted August 8, 2007 by drimo
Categories: Life

Anna has been using WordPress for a few months now.  I have it installed on Starbarmonkey and had some neat plugins, but didn’t really use it much.  I decided to switch over here to being hosted on the WordPress site because Anna was able to put some really neat pictures up and it looked really good.


I am finding that while having WordPress hosted on the WordPress site is convenient, it is extremely limited.  For the Wing Nut Hat page, I wanted to insert a slide show generated by Picasa Web Albums, but found that WordPress limits the code tags that can be entered.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing; it’s good to see an organization taking an active stance for security.  But it does make it difficult for power users to do things.

So, I am considering switching back to Stabarmonkey because I have total control over the WordPress software.  Time will tell!  Regardless, I think I am going to abandon my LiveJournal and use this exclusively, whether hosted by WordPress or Starbarmonkey.

New posts to come soon: Reviews of “Hot Fuzz”, Interpol’s “Our Love to Admire”, “Mario Strikers: Charged”, and Sabayon Linux.